7 Places to Visit While In Australia: The Thrill Seeker Edition

The land where Steve Irwin lived and died is famed for its dangerous wildlife, but there’s a whole lot more to Australia than crocodiles, kangaroos, and wallabies. You can enjoy its beaches, the cuisine and all the luxuries which come with visiting a developed country. For this and more there are vacation rentals in Australia. But if you want to travel off the beaten path and want to enjoy road trips and BBQ’s along the beach, even then Australia welcomes you with its bounty. So let’s check out how you can spend your vacations in here:

Experience nature in the Dandenong Ranges

Looking for a place to picnic, but feel like the beaches are getting too boring? Then visiting the Dandenong Ranges will be perfect for you. Located just a few miles east of Melbourne, these mountain ranges are cloaked with cloudy rainforests which makes it perfect for a daytime picnic.

Royal Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens anywhere are a blast of freshness. Here, this 94-acre giant draws in millions of visitors annually, especially since they are considered as one of the finest examples of Victorian-era landscaping. In this giant green lung, you will be able to observe a selection of endemic Australian flora and plantings. Along with this, mini ecosystems like herb gardens, cacti, and an indigenous rainforest are set amongst vast sprawling lawns. If you are lucky enough to visit during the summer then do check out the Moonlight Cinema and Theatre performances. There’s a whole lot more on the plate as well, like the 19th century Melbourne Observatory tours of the night sky. Pro tip: If you are here then also do check out the Natural Herbarium which contains over a million botanical species which are dried and used for plant identification purposes.

Do the world’s highest dam abseil

Want to do something adrenaline pumping? Then how about getting ready to jump down 459 feet into the darkness from the world’s highest commercial abseil. The Gordon dam in South West Tasmania offers this thrill ride which is not for the faint-hearted. Located near Strathgordon, you might want to consider staying overnight in the area (there are plenty of lodges available) especially since the place around the dam is full of beautiful wilderness where you can also enjoy hiking and excursions.

Dive with great white sharks

Want more thrills? We have got you covered! How about coming face to face with a great white shark with nothing but just a steel mesh wall between you two? Got your adrenaline racing? Then it’s time to pack up and head into the waters off the southern point of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. You will be able to see sharks around 6 meters long and from a cage which will be suspended just a bit below the surface of the water. You will be able to breathe through a hookah, which should assure you of the fact that you don’t need to be certified as a diver to go along this adventure. There are not just sharks to see on this tour, as the puppies of the sea, sea lions also love interacting with swimmers. Don’t worry; you won’t be seeing both of them together!

Pee on the 35th floor of the Sofitel

If you have 20 bucks to spare and a great urge to see an absolutely beautiful panoramic view of Melbourne, then up the Eureka Tower you go, which is the city’s highest skyscraper or you could just use the washroom of the 35th floor in the Sofitel hotel. How do we know? Yes, we have done the same as well.

Visit the Magnificent MONA

Now that you have calmed down a bit from the thrills how about taking it a bit slow and visiting a museum? You won’t get a chance of getting bored as it is not an ordinary museum at all. Abutting a sheer rock surface and spread over three underground levels, MONA occupied a peninsula which juts into the Derwent River. This $75 million museum has been described as- a subversive form of adult Disney-cascade and by philanthropist David Walsh. What can you expect to see here? Be prepared to view ancient antiquities right beside contemporary works which can only be described as erotic, provocative and even disturbing. There is one thing we can say- don’t miss it! You can take a break from it all and visit Moorilla which is a winery or perhaps have lunch at the restaurant upstairs, which is called The Source. There’s even more! You can catch a summer concert right on its lawns or perhaps splash out for a night on its swish pavilions.

Raft through an ancient rainforest

Located in South West Tasmania, rafting through the Franklin is considered as one of the world’s last untamed rivers is a thrilling adventure. So be prepared to travel through deep gorges one moment while drifting in tranquil blue pools in the next. If you want to take this journey then keep a note that the season runs from October to April and most trips will take anywhere from 5 to 10 days since the journey will be through places which will have some of the most breathtaking scenery.

So pack up and visit this land full of untamed wildlife and hospitable people. Make friends along the way to enjoy your tours and get to know about the place from the locals.

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